LIFE IS STRANGE / Wonderful World

Check out your favorite game stories edited down to relevant dialogue, essential gameplay and all cutscenes to create one fluid cinematic experience!

LIFE IS STRANGE / Wonderful World


A Revisit to to Arcadia Bay. I miss this place! I`ll be sure to post any news of Season 2!


Maxine Caulfield, better known as Max (born September 21, 1995), is the main protagonist in Life is strange. The player controls her throughout their campaign. She is an 18-year-old aspiring photographer and senior at Blackwell Academy. She left her mom and dad in Seattle for the seaside town of Arcadia Bay, Oregon, where she grew up.

After saving her childhood friend Chloe Price from being killed by Nathan Prescott in one of Blackwell Academy`s bathrooms, she discovers she has the ability to rewind time - and even stop it in its tracks. On the search for clues to solve the mysterious disappearance of Rachel Amber, Max must also discover how to use her powers to save the town of Arcadia Bay from a tornado.

The incredibly emotional story of Max Caulfield.
Featuring the many fantastic voice actors and dialogue from the epic story. (Ft. Max, Chloe, Mr Jefferson, Rachel, Kate).

This game featured so many great moments and here are some of my great memories from the game.

ALSO, checkout all my tribute videos and GMV`s and AMV`s-

This was my favourite game of 2015! An amazing job by Dontnod and Square-Enix!

Life Is strange Tribute
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Music- Position Music (Freedom).
Game- Life is strange
Edited using Sony Vegas Pro 14


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